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Welcome to The Ceredigion handyman directory Below you will be able to find handyman businesses in Ceredigion listed on this website. Our website also covers the whole of the UK, Which includes any where from cornwall to scotland.

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  • The Handyman Can

    I would like to take an opportunity to introduce The Handyman Can, your local small works and general handyman service. I pride myself on impeccable service and workmanship and provide a professional, friendly and reliable response to my customers needs. What do I do? Plumbing : Carpentry : Decorating : General Building ....View full business details

    Contact Phone: 07900 370537 - Contact Email: [email protected]



  • crystal pure window cleaners

    We use the latest reverse osmosis cleaning pole system that keeps your windows cleaner for longer, also using the pole system makes awkward hard to reach windows easier to reach and clean for a more complete cleaning service for windows and frames give us a call. ....View full business details

    Contact Phone: 01239 842173 - Contact Email: [email protected]



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