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  • Wasp Nest Removal Croydon

    Low, fixed price wasp control in Croydon & surrounding areas. Save 30% Today. How do I remove a wasp nest can be a dilemma for many in the Croydon area, wasps can pose a real problem & can potentially be very dangerous when they are defending their homes. A singular ....View full business details

    Contact Phone: 01737 300393 - Contact Email:



  • KPN Wasp Nest Removal

    Save 30% this year for hornet & wasp nest removal. KPN now have wasp control technicians based in Surrey, Kent, Sussex, London & Greater London & are able to offer the lowest prices for wasp control in the area. KPN have expanded to all areas due to the demand for a same ....View full business details

    Contact Phone: 01737 300393 - Contact Email:



  • HandyMark007

    A highly skilled and professional handyman based in Croydon: Available for furniture assembly, picture hanging, putting up shelving, plumbing, guttering, hanging doors, window blinds and many more household jobs. I cover most parts of South London and North Surrey, including: Sutton, Croydon, Wallington, Carshalton, Wimbledon, Mitcham, Tooting, and Purley. ....View full business details

    Contact Phone: 07946583417 - Contact Email:




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